Driving from place A to B,
made simple.

Have you ever found yourself in the situation where you just need a car? However, you want it quickly and you don’t want to spend too much.

JustaCar is a car rental serving that offers you average cars for a reasonable price. Our cars are distributed across the capital region so you can always find one near you. You only need to reserve the car with our app, drive wherever you want, and leave the car somewhere in the capital area.

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How it works

1. Find a car

Check which one of our cars is the closest to you.

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2. Unlock the car
and drive it!

Once you reserved your vehicle, just walk to it by following the instructions on the map and unlock it with our app.

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3. Park it in
the capital region

Locate the closest suitable parking space to you. The reservation can always be ended wherever parking is allowed 24/7.

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5 €/h


30 €/day

Gasoline cost: 0,11 €/km

Always based on current gas price, now: 1,49 €/l

So, what do you think about it? Would you try it out?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I park the car?

During your reservation you can park the car anywhere where it is legal to park. In addition, our cars have a Z permit, which allows you to park the car in any A-O resident parking spaces in Helsinki.

Where can I leave the car and end the reservation?

When you want to end your reservation, you need to leave the car inside the capital region. Our cars have a Z permit, which allows you to leave the car in any A-O resident parking spaces in Helsinki. Elsewhere in the capital area, the car can be parked in unrestricted public parking spots.

Where can I drive with the cars?

Anywhere in Finland! Driving and parking the car outside capital region is possible during the rental but you can end the reservation only inside the capital region.

What if I leave the car in a wrong place?

We will monitor the location of the car, and you cannot end your reservation if the car is outside the capital region.

The customer is responsible for paying the possible parking costs and fines from breaking the parking rules.

How do I rent the car for longer period?

When you select a car in the app, you can choose between short and long rental. In short rental, you will be charged for every starting hour. In long rental, you will be charged for every starting day.

What if the car stops working?

Our cars may be average, but they are as reliable as any other car. Indeed, we take their maintenance seriously and check them regularly with professional repair shops.

However, in case something goes wrong, just phone (09 7258 4400) at any time. By cooperating with Autoliitto, we provide our customers 24/7 support service.

Do I need to fill up the tank?

You don’t need to fill up the tank when you return the car, if the gasoline level is not low. The fuel fee is included in the final price.

If the gasoline is running low, you should fill up the tank with the gas card provided in the glove compartment.

How do I pay for the service?

You can pay by linking your credit card to your account on the app. Once your reservation is over, you will be charged and an invoice will be sent to your email account.

What if small bumps/scratches happens?

We have open and flexible policy about minor damages to the car. We won’t charge you anything if the small bumps or scratches won’t affect the functionality of the car.

How long can I book the car beforehand?

Our cars are meant to be always available to people near them. Therefore, you can reserve the car 30 minutes before arriving at the car.

Can I cancel my reservation?

You can cancel the reservation for free anytime before unlocking the car doors.